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The Magnetic Fountain

The Magnetic FountainThe "Magnetic Fountain" has a cylindrical shape, in which anisotropic ceramics are incorporated. This device accelerates the vibratory rate, and therefore increases the energy levels of the processed substances. The results is a significant increase of the wave of life, or increased vitality. Drinks and food are to be magnetized in / or on the receptacle provided for that purpose, and are instantly revitalized with a rotation of the levitating ring by the hand of the user. The "Magnetic Fountain" is very simple to use.

Unlike other systems, no modification is required for the water inlet pipe and the electrical system. It is therefore possible to magnetize both bottled water and tap water. We recommend using glass bottles, not plastic, and in addition, the water must be absolutely clean. (Due to transfers of information to the water).

The Magnetic Fountain therapeutic model is especially useful for massage and magnetic energy of the body. The magnetized water slows cell aging very significantly for people who drink it.

alt  1. Place the bottle to be energized in the center of the Magnetic Fountain or your plate on top of the crystal cylinder to boost your diet.
alt 2. With a quick pull of your hand, rotate the upper ring. Magnetic levitation provides a slight and silent rotation. Help your intuition to determine which direction you want to create the vortex. Better yet, refer to the manual to understand the difference between the two directions of rotation.
alt 3. Enjoy your water or your food energized and revitalized.
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Download this file (Manuel Express)Qu'est-ce qu'une Fontaine Magnetique ?E-Book de presentation détaillé1043 Kb
Download this file (Plaquette Fontaine)Plaquette FontaineBrochure presenting the Fountain Magnetic with short instructions586 Kb
Download this file (Qu-est ce qu'une Fontaine Magnétique)Manuel ExpressLecture rapide pour apprendre à se servir de la fontaine1043 Kb
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The simple act of watching water changes its electrical and vital constants. It is possible to demonstrate the astonishing fact through Rubesa Pier's Sonoscope.
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